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Wesco Communications can design and deploy a video surveillance system to fit the security needs of your business. One camera or five hundred, your business will be protected by a state-of-the-art video recording system installed and supported by professionals committed to your satisfaction. Wesco can provide you with some of the latest video technology like People counting, Secure area alerts or perimeter protection (if someone crosses an invisible barrier security will be alerted), Facial Recognition systems for identifying people on your property and if we integrate access control you can track employees and visitors in real time for enhanced video verification.

A manufacturer-neutral provider of closed circuit TV service for surveillance, advertising, stand-alone kiosks and video conferencing systems, Wesco offers the CCTV and video surveillance systems you need for your business. Maintenance contracts are available for all of our installed systems to ensure your system is running effectively and efficiently at all times!

There are three types of CCTV systems used today, and we are knowledgeable in each:

Coaxial – Traditional CCTV solution that is reliable and easily serviced.
IP – Internet-based system that is the current state-of-the-art technology being deployed today. The camera is an independent video server that is connected to your office (or home) network. The cameras can be viewed from any computer or Internet-enabled tablet, cell phone from anywhere in the world.
Hybrid – The benefit of an IP camera with the function of a traditional coax CCTV system.*
* We can build a converged solution for your business.